Often, individuals within an organization, whether executives, managers, supervisors, or simply talented talent have difficulty communicating, writing, leading teams, or simply managing and/or leading others.

PWD provides coaching on:

  • Conflict Resolution Writing, especially for those in technical areas or industries such as finance, audit, accounting, information technology, engineering, scientific research; pharmaceuticals, financial services, chemicals, and so on
  • Speaking/Presenting, especially for those in technical areas
  • Accent Management, for those individuals whose accents make communication challenging, but who prefer to retain their accent while at the same time speaking effectively to others in private and public settings
Leading Teams
  • Team coaching to improve collaboration skills and performance. We use a 5-step process to ensure that both leader and team can continue to improve effectiveness after the coaching ends
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Working with others so that they choose to “get on board” and work with the leader
  • Managing the setting of expectations, giving feedback, dealing with conflict, communicating effectively to individuals and groups