Consultants don’t make initiatives successful: The people of the organization, from executives to managers to “talent” make initiatives successful.

The people of the organization need to be ready.

They need to know what’s expected and have the resources necessary to meet those expectations willingly.

They need to be able to choose to meet or exceed the expectations.

They need to have the knowledge and skills required to meet expectations.

To be ready, people need clear, ongoing, open communication from leaders and fellow talent. To be willing, people need leaders who are fully engaged with their people. To be able, people need to be developed as rapidly as they can handle so that they remain excited, committed to the organization’s goals, and focused on meeting and exceeding expectations.

PWD helps the organization’s people define opportunities and challenges and then use their wisdom, knowledge, and skills to partner and collaborate on developing and implementing effective responses – to maintain and improve corporate performance, to minimize the loss of productivity that can arise when people are unclear about expectations, are focused on threats to their jobs and current relationships, or are having difficulties functioning effectively with other people or on teams.