Custom Speaking

PWD provides speakers and custom presentations for professional associations, at conferences and chapter meetings. A selection of topics follows below.

For a complete list of presentations, please email us (with “Presentations List Request” as the first line of your email) and we’ll send you a list to illustrate the many ways in which PWD can contribute to your next conference or meeting.

  • What do I do Monday Morning?
  • Message-Based Writing: Key to Effectiveness, Project Funding, and Effective Leadership
  • Building and Fixing Teams: Getting to Collaboration
  • Teams Need to Collaborate, Not Just Talk
  • Articulating the Vision: Positioning to Add Value
  • Power: How Power Has Changed
  • Managing Change in a Turbulent Market
  • Personal Growth: What do I do tomorrow morning?

Organizations who have repeatedly used the services of PWD speakers include the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Institute of Management Accountants, CPA professional associations, Human Resource associations, and other associations dedicated to the development of technical professionals.